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Spiritual wedding ceremonies in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland. A wedding celebrant who understands the art of weaving dreams into reality. 


Wedding Celebrant Northern Ireland 

Welcome to a world where your love story takes centre stage, and every moment is crafted with heartfelt dedication. Our wedding celebrants in Belfast and throughout Northern Ireland invite you to unlock the magic of your special day with a touch of spiritual and personalised expertise. Whether you envision an intimate wedding ceremony or a grand celebration, our experienced and passionate wedding celebrants are here to turn your dreams into a reality.

At Spiritual Weddings Northern Ireland, we pride ourselves on weaving together the threads of your unique connection to create a ceremony that reflects your essence. Our celebrants are more than just officiants; they are storytellers, committed to capturing the beauty of your journey and transforming it into an unforgettable moment that will linger in your hearts forever.

What sets our services apart is not just the attention to detail but also the commitment to personalisation. We understand that each love story is distinct, and we strive to make your ceremony authentically, beautifully, and uniquely yours. From traditional weddings to unconventional celebrations, our wedding celebrants have the expertise to make your vision come to life. 

Moreover, our spiritual wedding ceremonies comply with all legal requirements in Northern Ireland. As registered celebrants, we can officiate for weddings anywhere in Northern Ireland without the need for a special licence for the venue.

Embark on the journey of a lifetime with Spiritual Weddings, where your love story is not just celebrated but elevated to new heights. Let us be the architects of your special day, ensuring that every word spoken and every moment shared resonates with the profound significance of your union. Together, let's create a wedding ceremony that will be etched in your memories as a testament to your enduring love.

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Why Choose A Spiritual Wedding Ceremony?

Choosing a spiritual wedding ceremony can add a unique dimension to your special day and here's some compelling reasons why couples opt for a spiritual wedding ceremony:

  • Personalisation - a spiritual wedding ceremony offers you full choice and customisation; allowing you to infuse your values, beliefs and unique love story into your wedding ceremony. This personal touch ensures that your ceremony is a true reflection of a couple's connection.

  • Meaningful Rituals - you can incorporate meaningful rituals that hold significance for you including unity candles or Handfasting. Being given a choice can deepen the emotional impact of your ceremony and create lasting memories.

  • Flexible Locations & Legal Recognition - Our wedding celebrants are registered to officiate for legal marriage ceremonies in any place in Northern Ireland.  

  • Inclusivity - Spiritual ceremonies can accommodate diverse beliefs systems and backgrounds, making them inclusive and welcoming to people from all backgrounds. Couples can celebrate their love in a way that respects and honours their shared and individual values.

  • Emphasis on Love and Connection - Our Celebrants work to create a warm and intimate atmosphere, ensuring that the ceremony becomes a heartfelt expression of the couple's commitment to each other.



We just have one uncomplicated and reasonable fee, no matter what day of the week.

Pricing £300

My new husband and I couldn't recommend Eamonn enough for the most perfect wedding ceremony. It was exactly what we wanted and we couldn't fault the professional service we received. All of our guests, including ourselves loved the handfasting part of the ceremony. We can't thank Eamonn enough for helping us feel at ease with everything.


- Jordan (2023)


Meet Our Professional Wedding Celebrants

At Spiritual Weddings Northern Ireland, we are a small team of experienced and dedicated wedding celebrants who can work with you to create a wedding ceremony that is memorable and deeply meaningful.  

Eamonn Andrews

Northern Ireland Wedding Celebrant

Eamonn Andrews MSNU


I specialise in crafting personalised and heartfelt ceremonies that reflect your unique love story and values. I am also an ordained minister with years of experience as a wedding celebrant. I have a deep passion for creating special moments and I will work closely with you to design a ceremony that captures the essence of your love. 

Contact me to day to begin your journey towards a beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Patricia James

wedding celebrant Northern Ireland

Patricia James BA (Hons)


For me, there is nothing better than getting to know a wonderful couple as we begin to plan your wedding day.

I will work with you to ensure that your ceremony is a reflection of your unique bond and shared values, creating a truly unforgettable experience for you and your guest. 

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Choose a Spiritual Wedding Celebrant to craft your unique love story. 

Whether you're planning an intimate elopement or a grand celebration, we're here to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to begin your journey towards a beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremony.

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